Self-Supervised Learning and Foundation Models

Self-driving cars
Text to video
DNA to proteins

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ChatGPT, Code Pilot, CLIP, Dall-E, Stable-Diffusion, AlphaFold, Self-driving cars – is now the time that AI lives up to all its hype? What's the secret sauce behind these recent breakthroughs within AI? It’s called self-supervised learning and foundation models, and it is changing everything. With the help of it, Yann LeCun and others now believes there is a way to Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). In this non-technical series of lectures, we will start with the history of AI, then with what supervised learning and reinforcement learning is missing, and conclude with the deep practical and foundational implications of self-supervised learning and foundation models. We cover applications in both science and business. Lectures (Thursdays at 2-3pm, room 24-121) will be recorded and all backgrounds are welcome.

Lectures are created by Rickard Brüel Gabrielsson


DNA to proteins

Lecture 1: Introduction

Lecture 2: Algorithms

Lecture 3: ChatGPT

Lecture 4: Data & Stable-Diffusion

MIT Introductory Course on Self-Supervised Learning & Foundation Models Covering: